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What clients are saying

Harmony Builders

"Our work with Nicolas at Dynamic Renderings was aimed to help clients get an immediate feel for their home and help streamline the exterior choices that need to be made. We have been thrilled with Dynamic's turnaround, quality, and the value it has added to the home building process with Harmony Builders. Whether it's our own show homes or clients houses, Nicolas has always delivered.

What we appreciated most about working with Nicolas is his ability to read and gauge the essence of the house look, fill in any blanks that weren't accounted for, and deliver the expected results and then some."

-- Katrina Stettner, Owner, Harmony Builders Ltd.

Delonix Homes

"Building custom homes is a intricate process. From the foundation through to the smallest detail every aspect requires professional expertise and thorough attention. When we consider the aid of digital images to showcase our homes, we demand the same expertise and attention to detail. Dynamic Renderings has proven these skills time and again, and we continue to utilize their professional work as a tool to showcase ours. We highly recommend Dynamic Renderings for their quality of work, ability to meet our high standards, and excellent service."

-- Daryl Shannon, President, Delonix  Homes

Zarkor Homes

“Nicolas has done several artistic renderings for our website over the past 3 years. We find the quality of his work to be well thought out and creative to complement our brand. In addition, his exceptional customer service and attention to detail in trying to understand our business needs have been instrumental time after time to produce the best renderings.”

-- Shaheen Zareh, President, Zarkor Homes